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From day one we are taught that we should express our feelings and thoughts freely. In this way you can say what you have in mind to your friends, for example. They can give you a piece of advice what you should do in a certain situation or, as it is in my case, boost your self-confidence and make you believe that you are worth it.

I’ve noticed that for me the best way to express myself is to write. And this does include every kind of writing – the blog publications are my favourite, of course, but I also like to write poetry and prose. Unfortunately, recently I have had the-so-called writer’s block – this is the condition in which a writer loses the ability to produce a new work. I have not written a decent blog post for ages and I think that is what has made me really stressed. It is not like I have showed it anyhow to the people around me because in a way I have not understood it myself. Until now. I realised that I really miss my writing – it kept me going in really hard times and I believe that it is part of who I am. It cannot be torn apart from me because in this way I will lose a significant part of myself. I do not want that. So, I decided to write again and keep myself together.

It is incredible what things can inspire me to write. In this case it was a really fun night out with two of my dearest friends and my boyfriend. A night that started just as a way to say goodbye to another friend and finished as one of the greatest nights of my life. Why? Because it revealed to me that I have incredibly smart and wise friends. It showed me that they possess characteristics that I have never even dreamt of being possible for them to possess. On the other side, however, I realised something very important for myself as well – I have the opportunity to do what I want. Nobody is forcing me to do something that I don’t like. This is like the most important gift that my parents can give me – the freedom of choice what I want to be and what path I should take. What kind of life I will lead. I am sure that I am not ready yet to determine what kind of person I am or want to be but I am sure that writing definetely has to be part of me and my life.

I know that the future is waiting for me and I have plenty of time to enjoy my life and do what I love. One of the greatest authors of all, Earnest Hemingway, has said: “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” This captures perfectly my thoughts about writing – it gives you the opportunity to let out your most intimate thoughts and emotions and be the person you want to be. The only thing that can stop you from being a writer is self-doubt. You can write about anything that happens in your life – that is what the blogs are all about. You just have to have the courage to write about it and the creativity and imagination to improvise. At the end the worst enemy for the writer is the writer himself/herself.

“Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia.” 
E.L. Doctorow

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