Ziaja Face Masks: Review

You have probably noticed that I am still figuring out what my blog should be about. Even though last month my place on the internet celebrated its eight birthday, I am still struggling to determine a single topic that would be at the core of my blog. I think that this is due to my various interests and hobbies – nevertheless, I like it that way. So, maybe you guessed it already from the title of this blog post, here is yet another topic that I will include in my portfolio – beauty.

I can never consider myself a beauty guru. The amount of new beauty products launches that we witness every day can become very overwhelming for a person who barely knows the basics. However, over the past few weeks I had the chance to try out some of the Ziaja face masks and since I was quite impressed by them (especially, given the fact how inexpensive they are), I decided to write a short review about them and share my impressions. They are not new and maybe you already know about them.


Ziaja is a Polish beauty company that produces high-quality cosmetics based on natural ingredients for face, body, and hair care. Recently I have been loving their Coconut Creamy Shower Soap (more info here) and the Goat’s Milk Hair Mask (more info here). Apparently, Ziaja makes a good use of the goat’s milk as an ingredient in many of their products and I have added some of them to my beauty wish list. 🙂

I have been familiar with the company for quite some time now even though I have not tested many of their products. I have used their Coconut Shower Soap and the Goat’s Milk Hair Mask and I have re-purchased them a couple of times because I simply loved them. Since I was delighted with the results, I decided that I should do a little research and discover other products from their broad portfolio. Thus, I came across the face masks and I were more than excited to try them out as soon as possible.

The three masks that I decided to try are the Olive Leaf Regenerating Face Mask, the Goats Milk Dry & Wrinkle Prone Face Mask, and the Cocoa Butter Nourishing Face Mask. Out of the three I adored the Olive Leaf Regenerating mask especially after a long day at work or if I have not get enough of sleep the previous night. All of the masks come in one-use sachets each containing 7ml of the product.

Olive Leaf Regenerating Face Mask


This a gentle mask that cleanses and moisturizes the skin. Thanks to the two main ingredients, olive oil and hyaluronic acid, the mask do wonders to dry skin, leaving it nourished and regenerated. After you apply a thick layer of the mask on your face, you have to leave it for 10-15 minutes and the skin will simply absorb it on its own. I do not wash it away with some water – I just remove the excess with a cotton pad and this makes my face super soft and rejuvenated.

Goats Milk Dry & Wrinkle Prone Face Mask


Even though this face mask is not particularly suitable for my skin type, I decided to give it a try because of the rich creamy consistency with regenerative and protective properties. It contains milk proteins, vegetable lipids, and carbohydrates as well as vitamins A and D and calcium. After you apply a think layer on your face, you leave it for 15-20 minutes – this time I washed it away with lukewarm water. Some of the effects that I noticed immediately on my face is that the skin was extremely moisturized and nourished. When it comes to delaying the skin ageing, I have to admit that you need to be consistent with applying the mask over a certain period of time in order to see some noticeable effect. My skin is still young enough and it doesn’t need skin aging care, so I cannot give a trust-worthy opinion on that matter.

Cocoa Butter Nourishing Face Mask


The last face mask that I tried has more like a gel-like formula. It is easy to apply and has an extremely good smell – probably the best-smelling face mask of the three ones I tried. As with the other masks, the cocoa butter nourishing mask is very suitable for dry skin due to its key ingredients – vitamin E and cocoa butter. The skin seemed softer and smoother after applying a thick layer of the mask.


All of the masks have to be used 1-2 times a week in order to achieve the best possible results. Personally, I find the Olive Leaf Regenerating mask the best for my skin type and since I tried it a couple of weeks ago, I continue to use it 2 times per week.

Have you ever tried any of the Ziaja face masks?

See you soon.



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