Making the most of every moment

I think that September has been one of the most inspiring months of 2017 so far. And I don’t mean inspiring in terms of work/university accomplishments but more in terms of realizing how self-care is a vital need that I need to nourish as much as I can in order to be able to function properly. Our generation seems to constantly try to achieve certain goals and do it up to a particular age as if we have an expiry date. Well this is not the case. This realization has made me think about the ways we can stop wasting our time and enjoy every moment to the fullest without constantly worrying about our workload and the endless agenda we need to complete.

Realizing where we often waste our time is important and recently I have found out that if I cut out the following three things I would save some precious minutes and even hours that I could put to a better use. But not only that – when you realize that you should enjoy every moment and stop stressing over small insignificant things, you will achieve also a clearer and more positive mindset. And this positive mindset would become one of the essential prerequisites for all the accomplishments that would come in your life.

So here are the three things that hold us back and sustain the bubble of negativity around us.

Constantly comparing yourself to others

Of course, celebrating the successes of others is a good thing but the key message that I would like to voice is that you should never compare their successes to your own. I have realized that it is much better to use other people’s successes as a motivation that would drive you forward instead of dragging yourself into self-pity because you are not as successful as them. Once you start comparing yourself to other people, it is a downward spiral. So, use the accomplishments of others as a means of self-inspiration and self-motivation – when you start focusing on yourself, you will totally nail every task as well!

 Feeling sorry for yourself

Misery and self-pity are not nice feelings, I have to admit. However, when you wallow in your misery, you lose some precious time and energy that could be used for achieving other better and more beautiful things. I have realized that no one can pull you out of the hole of self-pity and negativity. Only you can do this and it is up to you how much energy and time you will lose in order to do that. Once you realize that you need to find out that one thing that would pick you up in such moments, you will stop letting life pass you by and start enjoying every moment to the fullest.


This is something that all of us have done in certain points of our lives. Nevertheless, we should realize that sharing the juicy details about others will bring us only negativity. It is much wiser to uplift and inspire other people instead of seeing them as the competition. Because as you know you attract what you think. So, be positive, be kind, and be inspired by other people’s successes. Spread positivity and empowerment and they, in return, will get back at you.

Do you have any tricks of making the most of every moment? Please share them with me and the rest of the blogging community so that we could inspire each other.

See you soon.



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