Finding your True Match this season

It surely matters what time of the year it is when it comes to my daily makeup. When a season rolls over, I tend to make small changes that would reflect the difference not only in terms of the weather, but also in terms of the general mood that comes with each season. I replace the fun bright pinkish lip colors that I usually wear during the summer with more nude autumnal mat lipsticks that would match better my outfit choices in much darker shades during the autumn season. The tanned skin from summer has more or less faded by now (I am not a fan of self-tanning) so I really need more color to my face especially in the cheekbones by applying a bit darker bronzer than usual and a rosy blush in order to add a pop of color.

However, the only thing that does not change with the seasons is my preference for natural-looking makeup. I love the idea of a makeup look that would only compliment my natural characteristics without making my face feel caky. In order to achieve this look, the most important prerequisite for me is the perfect natural base.

This season I have found the products that help me on a daily basis to create an effortless yet complimenting natural makeup look. I have been searching for the perfect combination of foundation, concealer, and powder for quite some time and until now nothing has met my expectations and needs. This changed when I discovered L’Oréal’s True Match makeup line and especially the foundation, concealer, and powder. I have found the True Match that perfectly fits my style during the chilly autumn weather.  Everything from the True Match foundation to the blush offers shades that can match your skin tone for a more natural finish and true-to-you coverage.


I start preparing my face with cleansing it, toning it, and last but not least moisturizing it with my beloved moisturizer (which changes quite often). After that I apply my favorite primer and my face is ready for the makeup. I apply with a kabuki foundation brush a thin layer of the True Match Liquid Foundation which gives me great coverage yet at the same time it creates the effect of a natural makeup look. This is due to the fact that the skin perfecting pigments and the ultra gliding creamy texture provide a homogeneous finish to the skin. The foundation lasts long even in the long and busy working days at the office or running errands around the city.


After the foundation I correct any redness or spots with the True Match Concealer. It provides me great coverage for those moments when my skin is not perfect but at the same time it gives me the brightening effect that I need under my eyes. This effect makes the concealer perfect for a highlighter so when I am travelling I tend to take only the True Match concealer and this saves me from taking two different products. The concealer is available in 14 shades that will suit every skin tone.


At the end I finish off my base with the True Match Ultra-Perfecting Powder which gives me the best finishing coverage. It is a highly pigmented powder that guarantees a mat finish throughout the day. It is really fine and silky in terms of texture which makes it very easy to apply and blend. Last but not least, the package is extremely premium looking and the mirror that is included in it is a bonus that I can die for during those long days while I am running errands.


Have you found your True Match this season?

See you soon.



This post is not sponsored by L’Oréal in any way.

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