How to elevate any autumn outfit?

Autumn has turned out to be one of my favorite seasons. The types of outfits that I tend to wear on a daily basis during this season are often in more nude hues, with elegant fits, and classic shapes which all correspond perfectly to the general mood of the autumn season.  I have observed that my style has changed quite a lot throughout the past year and now I reach out for more timely and classic pieces that I can wear for years to come.


No matter how much I love balanced and classic looks, sometimes I find myself searching for something that would spice up my outfit and make it a bit more different from the usual things that I wear. All nude outfit can become a little boring but when it is combined with the most appropriate jewelry for the particular style, your whole appearance gets elevated immediately. For this reason, I decided to share with you my three main ways how I elevate any autumn outfit in order to take the best from both worlds.

Invest in a classic autumn coat

What I wore: Coat by Reserved (similar here and here); Shirt by Share Female; Jeans by LC WAIKIKI (here); belt be Reserved (here); Bag by Carprisa Cruz (similar here and here)

During the colder months I love layering different types of clothes in order to keep myself warm – a combination of a basic shirt with a sweater, or a thermal top under a cute jumper dress are often my go-to outfits when I need to walk in the chilly November days. However, I never go out without wearing one of my beloved autumn coats which is often the only thing that people actually see of my outfit. For this reason, I know that it is extremely important for my style not to compromise on the quality of my outwear pieces that I will wear this season.

An investment on a good autumn coat is a must if you want to elevate your outfit in an instant. The coat that I am wearing for this blog post is by Reserved, a brand which is one of my all time favorites when it comes to outwear pieces. It is a nude-colored, classic-fit coat that compliments almost every possible outfit in my wardrobe. This means that I rarely need to think about getting creative with the rest of my outfit – it can be as minimalist as possible in order to create the perfect blend between classic look and elegant fit.

Choose timely jewelry pieces


Jewelry has always been my go-to solution when my outfit is a bit basic. A basic jeans and T-shirt combination can easily be made to look more luxurious with the addition of a well chosen jewelry pieces. For this reason I am not so hesitant to spend a bit more money when choosing my jewelry. This is because unlike any other fashion item, you potentially wear the same piece of jewelry every single day, making the cost per wear of even the most luxurious of pieces extremely low.

Recently I found a brand that epitomizes the elegant yet timeless look that I have always strived for when it comes to my outfit choices. AUrate New York is a company that offers contemporary yet timeless real gold jewelry made in NYC. But this is not the only reason why AUrate grabbed my attention – they also give back to economically disadvantaged school children with each purchase of their jewelry. This means that with your purchase you do not only contribute to elevating your day-to-day outfit but also to a great cause.

My autumn outfit in question could have been perfectly combined with their Solid Circle Bracelet which is quite simple in terms of a design but this has been done for the purpose of highlighting the beauty of 14K yellow gold. I would also add two gorgeous rings that will compliment perfectly the bracelet and thus make my hands the focus of my outfit. The first one is AUrate’s Solid Circle Ring which actually is part of the same set as the bracelet. What I really like in this ring is that it embodies my motto that less is more – it is a pure minimalist beauty that adds the so needed stylish touch to my hand. On the other hand I would put Aurate’s Asymmetrical Pearl Ring that would spice up my jewelry ensemble. The unique pairing of solid gold and pearl adds a bright modern accent to any look.

With just three jewelry pieces my whole outfit would be elevated and brought to the next level of stylishness and timelessness. I believe I’ve made my case and may have just talked myself into making a new purchase. 🙂

Add a bold accessory

What I wore: Hat (similar here and here)

Even though I am a big fan of classic and elegant looks, from time to time I tend to reach out for bolder choices for accessories. For this reason my last trick for elevating an autumn outfit is combining your general timeless look with something bolder like this wide floppy autumn hat. The nude color of the hat is the perfect addition to the general color scheme of my outfit but at the same time it provides me with the necessary statement finishing touch. Inspired by Nicole Richie who is rarely seen without a wide-brim trilby, this hat gives me the feminine touch that I strive for with all my outfits no matter the season.

What are your secrets for elevating your style this season?

See you soon.



Photography by Kaloyan Stanev.

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