Getting organized this Xmas

Christmas time is probably the busiest and the craziest period of the year. There are so many events that you wish to attend – Christmas markets, corporate parties, family gatherings, etc. At the same time you have to prepare your own home for the holidays starting with the cleaning process up until the Christmas decorations. It can become really overwhelming and stressful. However, do not fear – I have some tips and tricks that will save your energy , mind, and time this year and you will be able to actually enjoy the holidays.

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Set your priorities right from the beginning

It is extremely important to determine what is the most important thing for you for the upcoming festivities – whether it is attending as many social events as possible, or getting your home Christmas-ready, or doing the holiday shopping as early as possible in order to avoid the madness that comes with the approach of Xmas day. Remember that you will enjoy the holidays much more if you are not exhausted from all the running around so save up your energy for the things that are important for you. Pick and chose your priorities wisely and write them down on a place that you can see all the time.

Download some printables that will help you out with the organization

I love printables and when they have a cute design, it is a total match! Currently, I am using two things that help me to keep track of all the presents that I need to buy and all the posts that I am going to post as part of Blogmas.

What I love in those handouts is that all the information that I may need for the holidays is with me all the time. I have glued them in my planner which I carry everywhere with me – so if inspirations strikes, I am able to write it down immediately. This helps me take control of the two things that are top priorities for me this December – scheduling my blog posts and keeping my eyes open for gifts ideas as early as possible.

Based on your needs, you can literally find any planning handouts on the internet.  Just spend some time searching for the most suitable ones and voila – you have a plan for December 🙂 A very good planner that covers almost everything you may need for the preparation for the holidays can be downloaded here.

Let go of perfection and take care of yourself

Oh, perfection – my all-time enemy. I always strive for it and most of the times I realize that it is impossible to be perfect all the time. The Christmas period is a time for letting go of all the negativity that surrounds us and enjoying yourself. Make some time to pamper yourself because you deserve it. After all the efforts and achievements from the past year you deserve some “me-time”. Organizing the Christmas festivities can be a tough task so make sure you allow yourself some time to just enjoy the time and rest.

Do you have any suggestions how you can organize yourself in the busiest month of the year? Happy to hear them in the comments!

See you soon.



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