DIY: Christmas Table Centerpiece

It is 6th of December and it is very probable that you have already put up your Christmas tree and the other decorations that give your home the festive atmosphere necessary for the holidays. This year I decorated my home gradually – one thing at a time – as I did not have the time to put everything together. I still have to do some minor decorations but I hope that by the end of the week everything will be ready.

One of the elements of the home decorations that has always been problematic for me is the table centerpiece. I do not like big centerpieces that take up the whole space on the table. However, I needed something that would make an impact on my table decoration while keeping it classy and minimalist. For this reason I decided to make this simple DIY that will combines both prerequisites important for me and will not break my budget just before the holidays.

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Necessary Materials


  • Wooden box
  • Two candles of different colours/sizes
  • Plastic Christmas tree that you can decorate
  • Materials for decoration – pine cones, crepe paper, bow, different ornaments

How to do it

Featured Image

The process of making this easy table centerpiece is really simple. I started by preparing the wooden box – I put the crepe paper in it in order to simulate snow. The crepe paper is a better choice for this purpose than the ordinary paper because it is easier to work with it and turn it to whatever shapes and designs you may like. On top of it I put the two candles that form the focus of my centerpiece and give it the necessary hight, a couple of pine cones for a pop of rustic colour, and some pieces of red cherries that correspond perfectly to the festive atmosphere at my home. Additionally, I decorated a small plastic tree with some Christmas ornaments using a hot glue gun.

Overall, that centerpiece was extremely easy to make. It is a good inexpensive alternative to the big and busy centerpieces usually sold in the stores at this time of the year.

Have you put your Christmas decorations yet?

See you soon.



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