How to survive Christmas shopping?

December doesn’t have to mean a manic last-minute Christmas shopping dread but I am sure that I am not alone with the massive to-do list. Even though I do not have a very large family or a lot of friends that I must buy gifts for, I still feel a bit stressed and overwhelmed by the amount of gifts that I need to look for this winter. For this reason, I decided to start preparing and buying the necessary things as early as possible in order to avoid the last-minute shopping. So today I am going to share my top tips for Christmas shopping – from the failsafe faboulous options to what to do if you have left it for the very last minute.

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Make a list

My first tip is actually not to panty much although making a note on your phone of whom you need to buy for and a rough idea of what to get them always helps. This will keep you on track and you will not lose sight of what has still to be done. You can mark the gifts already bought/wrapped and the ones that still need to be bought. Additionally, sometimes inspiration strikes suddenly and by keeping a simple list on your phone will allow you to write the idea down immediately and not forget it.

Shop by yourself

I found out about this tip the hard way. If you shop by yourself you will be able to get the job done much more quickly without any distractions. Also, you will avoid the delays and confusions when you ask somebody else’s advice/opinion. Of course, shopping by yourself is not everybody’s cup of tea. So, if you prefer to have someone as a company, go ahead – the important thing is to get the job done quickly and effectively,

Failsafe options

I believe that a winter accessory is a failsafe option of a Christmas gift for almost anybody. There is nothing more perfect than a chunky knit scarf, some soft gloves, or the classic gift – a pair of socks. You often forget to buy them for yourself so it is always a treat to find them under the Christmas tree. If you find yourself stuck for ideas for Christmas presents, you can always opt for the classical winter accessories.

Personal & Practical gifts

Gift giving is my favourite part of the Christmas festivities. No matter how much I love it, however, it can become really difficult to find both personal and practical gifts for your loved ones. For this reason, I like to treat my friends with gifts that they will wear throughout the festive season like a clutch bag or a pair of dazzling earrings. It is a win-win when you can ease the party-outfit panic and take a gift off your Christmas shopping list.

Special offers

This sounds kind of obvious but doing a little bit of research can save a lot of stress. I was quite skeptical at this tip at the beginning as I did not enjoy searching for offers among different stores. I was more of a impulsive consumer. However, my boyfriend showed me the perks of research before buying and now this has become the only way of shopping for me. Often at this time of the year your favourite stores will have special offers which definitely help gift giving a little bit more affordable. So, keep your eyes peeled.

Do you leave the Christmas shopping for the very last minute or you prefer careful and early shopping?

See you soon.



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