Gift Guide for the Makeup Addict

Only when you get sick do you realize that there is nothing more important than health!

Unfortunately, over the past three days I was down with a very annoying, yet painful flu. This prevented me from performing my daily activities related to work and university and the lack of oxygen in my brain due to the severe cold made it impossible for me to be creative and publish new blog posts. Whatever I had prepared and scheduled beforehand I published it while we were away on vacation during the weekend. Still, I believe that taking care of myself was a bit of higher priority than posting on the blog at that time and me functioning properly as a healthy human being is a vital part of the whole creative process.

But this is already behind my back and now I am fully capable of continuing my Blogmas posts.

Today I return with one of my favourite gift guides that I will publish this year – the one for the makeup addict. Even though I cannot consider myself a makeup guru in any way I still love playing with different shades and lipsticks. For this reason I always appreciate it when I find a new eye shadow pallet or a lipstick under the Christmas tree. And I am sure that I am not the only one 🙂

However, I know that if you have decided to give your girl some makeup product, the process of choosing the right one can become a lot overwhelming. The variety of makeup products available on the market is enormous and it can become really difficult to get acquainted with all the options and the differences between them. Additionally, every year the beauty gifts get bigger, better, and more extravagant. Brands seem to have completely outdone themselves and have really gone all out this year.

Fear no more, my friends, I have prepared the gift guide that would suit the needs of almost every makeup addict – from the one who prefers classic options, through the one who would be more than happy to receive a practical set of makeup brushes, to the one who is open for experimenting with different colours.

Gift Guide for the MAKEUP ADDICT

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