For the lightbulb moments in our lives

I have always thought that the lightbulb moments in our lives come unexpectedly and that nobody warns you in advance.

For the past few months, I realized that this is definitely not the case. In order to reach the lightbulb moment when everything comes perfectly into place, you need to pass through all the small steps. Every little decision you make, every little thing that happens to you and every little emotion you might feel add up to the bigger picture. You need to follow the whole path with its ups and downs in order to reach the final point where everything gets crystal clear and you are able to take that hard decision you have been postponing up to now. And yes – nobody warns you in advance that the lightbulb moment is approaching. This is simply because the only person who is subconsciously aware of this is you.

I have been walking on this “realization” journey for the past six months and this is the main reason why I did not post anything on the blog. I took all the time that I needed to evaluate almost everything that I have in my life – all my personal decisions, actions, and emotions; the relationships – both personal and professional; my future intentions and inclinations; the motivation behind all my steps. I feel that there is a reason behind everything you do in your life and I wanted to find my own.

I do not want this post to sound very philosophical. I am certain that I am very far away from finding the true meaning in my life given the fact that I am only 24. I understand that this cannot be done through six-month contemplations on what I have done until now in my life. And this is definitely not my goal. I realized that

“it is not necessary the lightbulb moment to be The Big Bang that shatters your life and you build it from scratch.

Just the opposite – every little thing that helps you find who you truly are, is a lightbulb moment. Every little thing counts!

I know that none of this is rocket science – it is just the confusing thoughts of a young girl. It was really important for me to say all of this out loud before I can resume blogging about the small mundane things I like to write about. I’ve made my hard decision and I’ve changed the things I felt necessary to change. The only thing that I can do now is enjoy the new exciting ride and take the most out of it.

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