Introducing Thematic Months on Chrisy Loves

My blog has always been my happy place – the place where I could talk about the things that I am mostly passionate about, the things that make my day, and some general ramblings on life topics and key moments in my life. I started my blog almost nine years ago when blogging was not the major career that young people aspire to. Then I wrote mainly about my life and I published my poetry. And even though I don’t do that anymore, the general idea has remained – I write about whatever is important for me.

People change and at the moment, if you look at the last ten blog posts here,you can see a bit of beauty, a bit of lifestyle and traveling, a bit of books, and again my general ramblings about life that come unexpectedly every time 🙂 It sounds a bit of chaotic and it can become a bit confusing to my audience. And it sure is. Over the past weeks I made a bit of analysis of my audience and what makes it come back to read my new blog posts. And I found out that many of the people who liked/commented on my posts, actually don’t come back because they cannot figure out what my blog is about.

For this reason, and because I am constantly trying to achieve organization in almost every aspect of my life, I decided to sit down and think of how can I organize a bit more my blog publications. I brainstormed for hours putting all the ideas for blog posts that came to my mind and that I want to write about. As you can probably imagine I ended up with a chaotic bunch of ideas. To be more precise – almost 50 ideas that cover lifestyle, beauty, travel, book reviews, tips and tricks, DIYs, and many many more. So I wanted to organize all of this and make it as much relevant to my audience as possible.

I cannot pick just one subject that my blog will focus on – it will be against my a bit chaotic nature 🙂 For this reason, I decided to organize my ideas into thematic months. What this practically means is that every month will be dedicated to one umbrella subject that will cover all the topics that I am interested in.

Thematic month_August 2018

So I am happy to introduce you to the first thematic month on Chrisy Loves – Spending the summer in the city. Overall, August will be dedicated to all the things that you can do during summer if you don’t have the chance to travel that much – so be prepared for a lot of reviews, beauty and even a bit of fashion. For my traveling audience, don’t worry – I have prepared something for you as well 🙂 I will write about traveling mostly in September when we have scheduled our holidays.

I have prepared so much content for you in the upcoming months, so stay around 🙂



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