Getting That Summer Glow!

Spending summer in the city can become a bit annoying when you see your friends coming back from their beach holidays, all tanned and with that beautiful summer glow. And even though I am not a big fan of self-tanning or the alternatives that are available on the market, I am all for that beautiful summer glow that you usually associate with spending a week at the beach.

Unfortunately, I am not one of the lucky ones who have that natural glow in their upper cheeks. So for all the cocktail summer parties, nights out with my friends, or even the simple everyday look for going to work, I need some support in achieving the so-desired glow. Recently, I have found the two products that help me achieve this look and do not make my face feel all caky and gross in the summer heat. As you know I am a big fan of the natural-looking make up looks, so I always try to us the minimum amount of make up products on my face. With these two bad boys I achieve the natural look while still covering any imperfections that I may have.

Douglas Ultralight Foundation

Douglas Ultralight Foundation
This foundation is just what its name suggests. It is ultralight summer foundation that provides light to medium coverage. Of course, if I have some imperfections that I would need more support to cover, I can build up using one of my favourite concealers. However, on those good-skin days, the foundation looks very natural on my face even on its own.
What fascinated me the most is definitely the extremely fine and light formulation of the foundation. It does not get shiny or shimmery on my face even after a long day in the summer heat. For this reason it does not feel like a mask on my skin. Of course if you have acne-prone skin and you would like to cover all the acne residues, this might not be the best choice for a foundation as it does not have a high coverage.
Even though I am fighting a bad skin period at the moment, I am satisfied with this foundation because it gives me the necessary confidence to walk out of my home but still without clogging my pores.

Douglas Contour Effects Colouring Palette

Douglas Contour Effects
Another Douglas product but this time it is a Contour palette that has everything you might need to create that effortless natural summer glow. The highlighter must be my favourite in this trio, for sure.
For a person who is slowly getting into the habit to define and contour her face not only for special occasions, this is the perfect palette to start with. It gives you the opportunity to emphasise on the desired facial areas without applying too much product. You can optimally sculpt your face by adding more depth and shape to it. The contour palette contains three perfectly matched powders: a highlighter, a bronzer, and a contour powder. An the best thing for beginners as me is that the palette comes with instructions on where to apply each powder!

Makeup Brushes
I apply the highlighter with an Ebelin fan brush, whereas the bronzer and contour powder with Douglas angled contour brush.

So here is how I achieve my natural summer glow using simply two products.

Have you tried any of the Douglas products before?


Douglas Ultralight Foundation (Colour 2 – Light Beige) | Douglas Contour Effects Colour Palette | Ebelin Fan Brush | Douglas Angled Contour Brush 

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