Saying Goodbye to Summer with the Perfect Autumn Skirt


For better or worse, up until now this year the weather in Bulgaria has been quite strange. We had a very delayed summer which actually started in the beginning of August and continued well into September. Even today, at the beginning of October, the weather is not really autumnal even though the mornings have slowly started becoming colder and colder.

With crisp mornings and rather warm afternoons it has become quite difficult for me to decide on an outfit before going out to work at the beginning of each day. The key for me to the successful outfit that will keep you warm in the mornings but at the same time will not roast you at noon has always been layering. Ever since I found out the perks of layering different clothes and removing the layer that I no longer need as the day progresses has been my go-to advice for people who find it difficult to select appropriate clothing items at this strange transitional period of the year.

Thus, I can still wear my summer T-shirts, if I combine them with a nice statement coat that would elevate any plain T-shirt-and-jeans outfit. If you are a dress lover, you can totally rock your long summer dresses with a nice denim jacket on top of them to keep you warm in the mornings.

DSC_0594However, my all-time-favorite way to transition into autumn has always been wearing clothes typically associated with summer but in darker and more autumnal colours. Take for example this gorgeous skirt that I found in H&M during the summer sales. It has become my favourite clothing item right from the beginning even though I was a bit scared to wear it at first. It is nothing like anything else in my wardrobe and this is what I adore about it – it can elevate any simple outfit and make it much more fun and glamorous.

I have been pairing it with almost all kinds of plain t-shirts for the past two months (definitely blush pink and white t-shirts are my go-to options). I cannot wait to wear it with some delicate blouses for the autumn period as well. I am sure it will continue to be my statement piece even in the next few months.


Have you ever had a clothing item that you are so in love with that you can wear everyday?




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