The statement autumn coat


We have been quite lucky to have the perfect autumnal weather in my home country Bulgaria. Even though it is already November, we still enjoy long sunny autumnal days. The clear blue skies and the gorgeous seasonal color palette of the cities are the perfect prerequisites for long walks with your loved ones. Thus, we still spend plenty of time outside loving the last sunny days.

This unusual warm winter has allowed me to wear some of my favourite autumnal pieces that I often find hard to accommodate in the fast changing seasons. Last year, for example, the summer-winter transition period was filled with many rainy and cold days so it was really a pity that I could not wear some of my favourite cardigans, blazers, and lightweight coats. We jumped straightaway from long summer dresses to big coats and scarfs so abruptly that I did not even had the chance to try some outfits on. Even on the rare sunny days when the sky was blue, you had to put a warm coat in the freezing mornings which later on during the day turned into a burning hot weight that you had to carry around.


Thus, I enjoy very much the perfect weather that we are having at the moment. I have been wearing some of my all time favourite cardigans, blazers, jackets, and lightweight coats for the past month not only as a work attire but also as a simple outfit for my Sunday walk in the park.

DSC_0353One of my favourite outfits this season is definitely a plain combination of white T-shirt and a nice pair of jeans with the statement light coat. This coat elevates almost instantaneously every simple outfit which becomes much more elegant and fun. The interesting pattern of the coat makes you stand out from the colours of the crowd which are usually very gray and black as we slowly transition into the colder months. I am usually hesitant to experiment with my style which normally is quite simple and classic. However, I fell in love with this coat the moment I saw it in the store and I knew right from the beginning that it will become one of my all time favourite statement pieces that I so rarely incorporate in my wardrobe.

Currently, almost all brands are offering some interesting autumnal coats so check the stores to find your own statement coat. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd – the feeling to be the bright spot in a gray/black crowd cannot even be described. And when the days become colder and grayer your favourite statement coat will cheer you up and brighten up your day, trust me. 🙂

Have you ever tried to wear something a bit bolder than your usual outfit choices? Let me know in the comments.



Photography by Kaloyan Stanev

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