The Perfect Moisturizing Duo


With the colder months slowly creeping in (especially in the frost mornings and evenings that we have had for the past two weeks), I have started incorporating highly moisturizing creams that would battle any cold during the day. Normally, my skin is quite dry and the freezing weather makes it even more important to apply the necessary hydrating and moisturizing products that would protect her from the cold air.

Because of the slowly changing weather, I have already started adapting my skin care routine both in the mornings and in the evenings. I am constantly on the look for good moisturizers that would provide my skin with the necessary hydration without clogging my pores. My skin is acne-prone so I always look for light moisturizers that would feel nice on my face. As you can most probably imagine, this is a difficult skin combination to shop for but luckily I found the two products that have turned out to be the perfect moisturizing duo for me.

Both products are part of the Sensitive Végétal line that has been developed by the French beauty company Yves Rocher. The key ingredient in the whole line is the Sigesbeckia leaf extract with dermo-soothing properties. According to the company’s website, this extract acts like a botanical poultice and soothes, strengthens and protects sensitive skin.

Yves Rocher Sensitive Végétal, Soothing Moisturizing Cream


The Soothing Moisturizing Cream, part of the Sensitive Végétal line, has become my go-too cream day and night. It gives my skin a thin coat of moisture, thus not making my skin feel oily. I can apply my regular day makeup almost right after I apply the cream in the morning, which is a great bonus when you need to hurry for your daily errands.

The thing that almost instantly drew my attention in the store is that the cream is supposed to decrease the redness of the skin and make it calmer and more hydrated. I always go for creams that would calm my acne-prone skin so I did not think twice whether I need to buy the cream or not. And indeed after a week of applying the cream in the morning, my skin is much calmer and the red patches are considerably reduced.

Another very big bonus is that the ingredients in the cream are almost 90% all natural and organic which is always a plus when you try to reduce the use of strong chemical products on your skin. The cream does not contain any parabens, mineral oils, alcohol, perfumes or colorants.

Last but not least, you cannot miss the beautiful package that the cream comes in. It looks like a super expensive cream and in reality its price point is really reasonable. You can get the cream in one of the Yves Rocher stores for only 9£!

Yves Rocher Sensitive Végétal, SPF 20 Anti-Redness Cream


The SPF 20 Anti-Redness Cream, part of the same line, in my opinion is the perfect addition to the moisturizing cream. It moisturizes the skin instantly, if you need a bit thicker coat of moisture. I usually apply it only in the evenings in order to let in sit on my skin for a longer period of time and not mess with my makeup as the texture of the cream is quite creamy.

In addition to the good moisturizing properties of the cream, it also reduces redness and prevents its reappearance. Actually the main purpose of the creamy texture is to minimize the irritation. Last but not least, the cream protects against the UVB rays with SPF 20 which as we all know is not enough even in the colder months so don’t use it instead of your regular SPF cream.

Have you found your favourite moisturizing creams this season? Let me know in the comments.




Soothing Moisturizing CreamSPF 20 Anti-Redness Cream

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