Clean Skin = Happy Skin

I have always struggled with finding the most appropriate skin cleansing products for my face. My skin is acne-prone but extremely dry at places so harsh products that can battle acne are not really my thing. However, rich creamy textures that would otherwise be appropriate for my skin dryness would increase the sebum and hence result in more break outs. 

For this reason, I decided to visit a dermatologist a few months ago and search for advice on what would be the perfect skin cleansing products for me. I was fed up with trying out different drugstore products in a futile attempt to find the perfect match on my own. So, I decided to trust a professional and invest in high quality products even if they were at a higher price point. 

Well, I was very much surprised when my dermatologist suggested Bioderma. This is a French company that specializes in medication for dermatological and hair/scalp conditions. I did my research before buying the products that my dermatologist suggested and was pretty impressed by the positive reviews on the internet on a variety of Bioderma products. What surprised me even more was the fact that Bioderma offers high-quality beauty products at very reasonable prices so I was not going to break the bank by purchasing all the things that I needed.

With this in mind, I went immediately to the nearby pharmacy and bought what I needed. All of this happened back in May and I tested the products for a whole 7 months before writing this review in order to cement my impressions and be sure that what I am going to write is 100% true (at least for myself).

The products that I was going to need for a full skin cleansing routine (appropriate both for the mornings and the evenings) were the following:

– Bioderma Sébium gel moussant

– Bioderma Sébium H2O miccelar water

– Bioderma Sébium lotion

Only three products were necessary to reduce significantly the sebum in my skin without drying it too much with harsh ingredients. The whole Sébium line offers anti-blemish treatments that directly act on sebum quality thanks to the Fluidactiv patented complex found in all of the range’s products. What I achieve every morning is fresh clean face that is prepared for the makeup that I will be applying for the day.

The Sébium Lotion regulates the sebum production throughout the day and I am confident that my makeup will stay in place. The lotion also regulates the skin’s pH, tighten the pores and refines the skin texture. Thus, your face is in perfect condition all throughout the day and your skin looks radiant and healthy.

In the evenings, on the other hand, my favourite ritual is to clean my face using, firstly, the Sébium H2O miccelar water and after that the Sébium gel moussant. I clean my face with a cotton pad using the miccelar water in order to remove all the makeup and dirt from my face. It gently cleanses and removes make-up without drying out the skin; it also purifies the skin and regulates the sebum quality. After that, I use the gel moussant for a deeper cleansing. This product limits the sebum secretion and keeps my pores from becoming clogged. The combination of the two products every evening offers an immediate sensation of freshness that is always welcomed after a long day outside.

Have you tried any of the products by Bioderma? Let me know in the comments section below as I am currently looking to try something new!



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