My Favourite Christmas DIYs

As we are getting each day closer and closer to Christmas, my excitement for the holiday season is increasing. One of my favourite things to do these days is scrolling through Pinterest and looking for some cute Christmas decorations that you can easily make yourself. I blame Pinterest for some of my extremely high expectations when it comes to holiday home decor because you can find some really impressive options over there. 

Among the many extraordinary options, however, you can find some super easy DIYs that would make a big difference in your holiday decorations. I decided to compile a small board with some of my favourites – for all of them you, you would need some super inexpensive materials many of which you can actually find in your own home.

All of the pictures and the respective instructions on how to make each DIY can be found in my Xmas Inspo Board on Pinterest. You will also find some additional ideas that are not featured in this post, so take a look and be inspired.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Christmas content on the blog – I might be making some of the DIYs 🙂

Do you like doing DIYs for the holidays? Let me know in the comments.



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