Our Christmas Tree

Every year I choose the first weekend of December to decorate our Christmas tree. Of course, in the run up to the beginning of December I start putting some Christmas bits and bops around the house in order to get me in the mood for the holidays. However, putting up the Christmas tree is a whole ritual which deserves careful planning and enough time which in the majority of the cases can happen only during the weekends. 

This year, the first weekend happened to coincide with the first two days of December so I was more than happy to start the festivities by listening to some Christmas music and planning our holiday decorations. We put our Christmas tree up last Sunday and for a second consecutive year we will be using the Christmas tree that we bought from Metro Cash & Carry last year. The Metro supermarket chain has some wonderful options for Christmas tree that would cater for every possible taste. Whether you would like a small tree with its ends delicately covered in snow, or huge impressive tree with built-in Christmas lights, or extravagant and unusual tree, Metro has you covered. So if you are in the search of a new Christmas tree, definitely give it a go and check the nearest store.

We decided to keep last year’s Christmas tree because it holds a special value for us. It was the first Christmas tree that we bought for the new apartment and I remember the excitement that I felt when buying and decorating it. It is not very high but still it gives our living room the cozy holiday vibe that I want to inject in our house. Its ends are covered delicately with snow which is a very subtle detail that makes a big difference.

I love the red-and-gold combination when it comes to Christmas decorations. It is so classic yet so cozy that I decided to use it again this year. All the big red and gold bauballs on our tree are for Metro Cash and Carry as well. I bought them the same day we bought our tree because we did not have enough decorations to cover the bigger tree that we owned now. A special tradition that we have sticked to for the past 5 years, is buying a new Christmas tree decoration every year. These decorations are usually something completely different from the mandatory bauballs in order to associate every year with something extraordinary. For example, last year we bought this cute snowman decoration and the year before this wooden Christmas tree. 

I am currently in the search of some warm Christmas lights that would replace the white lights that we are currently using. As much as I like them, they simply do not fit with the general warm feeling that I would like to replicate with my decorations this year. So if you have any idea where I can buy some nice warm Christmas lights, please let me know in the comments.

Do you have any Christmas traditions when it comes to decorating for the holidays? Let me know in the comments!



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