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One of my favourite gifts to shop for are the ones for the families I will be visiting this Christmas. As a person who loves to spend my free time at home, I always try to find new home decor that will make my home not only a cozy warm place but also a functional house in which my guests will always be welcomed. Thus, when I know that I will be visiting any relatives and I want to give them one gift for the whole family instead of separate ones for each family member, I am more than excited to browse the online shops. Who knows, I may end up with something for my own home as well (which happens almost every time). 

This year I am fascinated by the home collection by H&M. It literally has everything you might need – from practical gifts like bedding and kitchenware, to home decor and beautifully scented candles. I always advise people who need to shop for families to concentrate on more general gifts in neutral colours because you never know whether a particular style would be compatible with the rest of their home decor.

Let’s take this beautiful cake stand as an example. It is an extremely classic cake stand that would not spoil the decor in any way. I would combine it with a homemade cake and a good bottle of wine and voila – you have the perfect Christmas gift! I am sure that everyone will really appreciate a good cake and a bottle of wine on Christmas day and in addition to that they will have a beautiful cake stand that will always associate with the holidays.

You can find more ideas in the below gift guide. As usual, you will find the shoppable links under the picture.


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