Thematic Month: July 2019

Hello lovelies!

What a busy first half of the year that was for me! Honestly, it is already July and I feel like it was only yesterday when I made that ambitious plan for my blog at the beginning of the year – I brainstormed hours and hours and came up with numerous exciting ideas for blog posts that I wanted to share with you. Beauty, fashion, travels, book reviews, organization and DIY projects were only some of the ideas that I scribbled on my blog notebook back in January.

And then mundane everyday errands hit me. I had quite a stressful last exam session at the university and even more stressful month in March when I had to pick and hand in the topic for my master’s thesis. I am still writing it and hopefully I will get this out of my way by the end of July. At the same time I changed teams at the translation agency I am working for and got new exciting clients that are even more demanding than my previous ones. Recently, I even started my driving licence course as if everything I already had on my plate wasn’t enough. As much excited as I am to be so busy, it can get quite overwhelming at the end of the day.

This is the reason why I was off the blog for so long. I sat a few times and tried to pick it up from where I have left but it simply didn’t feel right. I have always had my ups and downs with my blog – in the course of the 9 years that I have been blogging, I took quite a few breaks from it some of which even lasted a few years… I know that this is necessary sometimes and we all need a break. That is why I am confident that I can start blogging again and hopefully stick to it for more time.

I plan on continuing the tradition of having special thematic months. As I was away for so much time, I thought to dedicate July to catching up with you guys. I have so many things to share with you – what I have been loving, the places I have been to, what I have been doing, what I have learnt during this time trying to handle numerous responsibilities at the same time. I discovered so many new beauty products, while at the same time re-discovering some all time favourites. I visited some exciting new places and read amazing new books. I fell in love with a few fashion pieces some of which have already become my staple outfit choices.

I hope that you will stick around and be interested in what I have prepared for you. What were you up to in the first half of the year? Let me know in the comments.

For now, I have prepared a short photo diary with some of my key moments from the first half of 2019!



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