A Shift In Perspective: Covid Pandemic

The last few weeks were a bit emotional for me. I am sure that I am not the only one who couldn’t help but wonder where we will be in six months, a year, 10 years from now? Now more often than ever I lie awake at night wondering what the future holds for me and my loved ones. My vulnerable friends and relatives. The uncertainty is so daunting, frightening and overwhelming that it becomes harder and harder for me to keep calm and think positively.

I wonder what will happen to my job, even though I’m one of the lucky ones: for the time being I can work remotely and despite the first tough week, now business is pretty much back to usual routine. Our clients still order translation projects and translators are even more eager to collaborate with us. However, I am well aware that there are other people who are self-employed and are staring down the barrel of months without pay, or others who have even already lost jobs. Those are people who still have to feed their families and despite the economic measures taken from the government, I know that for them the situation is a lot harder than for me.

Last week I celebrated my 26th birthday in the best possible way given the circumstances. We made a home-made cake, had a glass of wine and blеw the candles with a blow drier. I know that a birthday party is so unimportant in comparison to the things other people go though at the moment but it was a turning point for me. Bulgaria has been in lockdown since March 13th – many of the people are following the government’s instructions and have limited their outings to the absolute minimum, including ourselves. Thus, we have not seen our families for more than a month now. Celebrating my birthday without them made me realize how much I actually miss them. I think this is the longest we have not seen them and it breaks my heart that I cannot hug and kiss them.

Today is Palm Sunday – an important day in Orthodox Christianity. For me Palm Sunday is the day when we celebrate the true beginning of spring. We all go to a church and take willow twigs blessed at the night vigil on the night before. We enjoy a day in nature soaking in the first warmer sun rays. This is not possible this year but I am sharing a few pictures from last year’s celebration hoping to bring you a bit of sunshine.

I realized how many small things I had taken for granted. This pandemic is an eye-opening experience for me and I am sure that moving forward I will think twice before canceling plans with family and friends. A stroll in the park enjoying some ice cream, going to the supermarket without worrying whether I have touched my face during my grocery shopping, having friends over for dinner, hiking the mountains with my brother, enjoying a face-to-face conversation with my mother, hugging my father – these are some of the things that I miss the most.

My blog has always been my safe space even though it is so public. Recently, I went through my oldest posts and realized that at the beginning I used to write about my everyday life and thoughts. I shared my heartbreaks and moments of happiness. As the years passed by, I shifted a bit the focus and now I think it is the best moment to go back to my roots.

In the next few weeks I will share travels, experiences, and things that I have loved but never told you about. Moments that I want to remember and save somewhere. I hope it will still be exciting for you to get to know me a bit better especially for the people who followed my blog in the past few months (a big warm welcome for you!).

How are you feeling in these turbulent times? What are your little moments that bring you happiness today? Let me know in the comments.



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