Holiday Gift Guide (2020): Small Businesses

Today, we continue with the holiday gift guides series which I started earlier on this week with the Beauty category – did you already have a look? We are getting closer and closer to Black Friday and I am sure that your Instagram feed has already been filled up to the brim with various sponsored ads showing you the best deals out there.

Yes, I must admit that it is great to get your holiday gift list at discounted prices but today this won’t be our main focus. What we have learnt this year is that the small businesses are the ones that have suffered the most because of the whole Covid-19 situation. I think that this year more than ever it is really important to shop small. Not only are we able to support companies which are maybe struggling this year but also it is a really great way to find more unique gifts for our loved ones.

All of the things included in today’s holiday gift guide are a little bit more unusual, a little bit different and not readily available on every single high street store. The majority of these won’t be at discounted prices mainly because small business cannot really afford to lower their prices. Still, I wanted to include such a gift guide because I believe that these types of business can offer products of incredible quality that will surprise even the people who seem to have it all. So I am so thrilled to share with you my holiday gift guide featuring products from some of my favorite small businesses.

  1. Peony & Mulberry Pure 100% Mulberry Silk Face Mask in Light Pink
  2. First Christmas as a Family 2020 Tree Decoration – low on stock, so if you fancy a special Christmas ornament this year, be quick!
  3. Silk Pillowcase & Silk Eye Mask
  4. Mugs, a set of four
  5. 2021 Minimal Weekly Planner – Dusty Rose
  6. Christmas Candle, The Winter Market – it is currently sold out but take a look at the other scents from the company, there is a variety of choices for everybody.
  7. Christmas Magnolia Wreath
  8. Stainless steel bottle
  9. Ultimate Silk & Cashmere Bed Set – Blush
  10. Broadway Press® GIN’N’JUICE 4.8% ABV – 12 x 275ml Bottles

** I don’t own the rights to any of the photos used in this blog post.

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