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Welcome back to the blog and happy New Year!

I allowed myself the liberty to take the whole month of January off the blog – with all the Christmas frenzy, regular posting in the last three months of 2020, some personal stuff in my life, it just got a bit overwhelming for me at the end of last year and the beginning of this one. However, rest assured that the blog was constantly on my mind during January even though I did not publish a single new post for you.

I hope that you have already noticed that my personal place on the web got a complete revamp since you last visited it. I was thinking of changing the design for quite some time now so I took all the time necessary for it – if you have any experience with maintaining a personal website or a blog, I am sure you know how time-consuming this might be. So, my January was dedicated to building the new design, adjusting content already published to it, making the blog entirely bilingual, installing some new exciting features like shop widgets, related posts, and many more so that I can make my blog not only prettier, but also more intuitive, user-friendly, and above all useful for you, my readers. Have a look around and let me know what you think of the new blog!

Apart from the new design, January was filled with plenty of content planning for the New Year. I think I’ve finally found my groove and niche for my blog and the last 4 months were extremely successful for me, creative-wise. Thus, I want to bring my planning schedule and rituals to even further horizons in 2021. I’ve planned plenty of new posts for you in the coming months, so I hope you will stick around for those as well.

But before taking a look at 2021, I wanted to pay my tribute to 2020. No matter how hard the year was for many of us, I believe that it’s important to celebrate even the small wins, especially in these times. So what was 2020 for me, creative-wise? I can definitely say that last year was the year of the highest numbers for my blog:

  • I posted 60 new posts which is the highest number of posts for a single year since I started blogging in 2010.
  • I’ve written approximately 50K words – the highest number of words written ever for a single year on my blog.
  • I got 2K unique visitors this year which fills my heart with so much joy. I am extremely grateful that so many of you visited my blog in 2020 and found something useful for you.
  • 60 more people have joined my small followership in 2020 which has doubled it in comparison to 2019. Welcome to every single one of you and thank you for following along my journey!

And yes, the numbers are great, but I think that the most important achievement in 2020 was the fact that I finally nailed my posting schedule. What was the effect of the successful planning and posting schedule? I managed to publish 90% of the posts that I initially intended to publish which for me is a huge success. I always had a problem with sticking with a regular posting schedule and dealing with this problem was nagging me for YEARS. Being able to finally turn this around, without compromising on my personal and work (9-to-6 regular job) tasks, has shown me that I can enjoy my hobby and be the best version of myself in my personal life.

So before starting on my regular posts for 2021, I wanted to bring your attention once more to my favorite posts from the past year. Here are my top 5 posts of 2020! Looking forward to writing many more in 2021.

How To Define Your Personal Fashion Style

“At its essence, style is a complicated, endlessly fascinating human capacity. It is our spirit and what we think, our creativity, our individual way of being, and our intention for our clothes. To nurture a meaningful relationship with fashion, our task is to understand style, to hone it, to carefully...
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A Shift In Perspective: Covid Pandemic

The last few weeks were a bit emotional for me. I am sure that I am not the only one who couldn't help but wonder where we will be in six months, a year, 10 years from now? Now more often than ever I lie awake at night wondering what...
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The Correct Order To Apply Your Skin Care Products

Skin care is no joke, let me tell you! There are so many products already on the market while new ones are constantly emerging every.single.day. This combined with the fact that the needs of your skin change periodically no matter what is your regular skin type can make it extremely...
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Working From Home – My Experience

I have had the chance to work from home a few times before lockdown was introduced in our lives and this work environment became the norm and not the exception. However, it was very rare that I had to spend more than 2 days in a row at home so...
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A Day in Montmartre – The Charming Village in Paris

Today on the Action for Happiness agenda we have to do absolutely nothing and be lazy. I truly appreciate when I have this opportunity because our life is busy enough to let responsibilities and worries creep into our days for relaxation as well. I always try to find a way...
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Do you have any favorite posts of mine from 2020? Let me know in the comments section down below.

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