Valentine’s Day Outfits

One of the most important days in the blogging world approaches and I am sure that your favorite bloggers and influencers have started putting out their own fashion and beauty edits for this joyous occasion. Of course, I am talking about Valentine’s Day. Even though Kaloyan and I don’t really celebrate this day, I still wanted to do a Valentine’s Day inspired post.

So I thought about it and the most logical category for me to concentrate on was fashion. If you are not really a fan of the day, don’t worry – you will not see me wearing anything adorned in hearts for the occasion. If you have been around for quite some time, you will definitely know that I prefer a more classic and timeless style when it comes to my outfit choices and Valentine’s Day is no exception. If that is the vibe you are also going for, I am here to show you a selection of outfits that are on the more subtle side.

Whether you’re in need of a more casual daytime look or are craving a reason to finally dress up again, there is a no-fuss look in here for you with absolutely zero hearts in sight. As long as you follow the simple and approachable outfit formulas ahead, you are guaranteed to have a fabulous-looking Valentine’s Day, no matter what your plans are.

Keep scrolling to see the most stylish outfits to wear this Valentine’s Day!

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.


I know that flowery garments are quite popular around Valentine’s Day, but these floral dresses are so subtle and elegant that they will become a valuable addition to your wardrobe not only for Valentine’s Day but also for the warmer spring months that are approaching. Like the dress I am wearing in this post – it is extremely feminine and elegant, even though it is adorned in delicate flowers. I could not find it on the RewardStyle app but you can shop it from the Bulgarian version of the About You shopping website.


I must admit that this is a current trend that I am truly enjoying even though I prefer a more classic wardrobe. However, I had to include a little something for the cool girls out there that love to follow the current fashion trends a bit more than myself. And besides – is there anything cuter than a pink short cardigan tucked into a nice pair of trousers?


If you are completely fed up with lockdown life, this one is for you. Sequin dresses are not only for the Christmas/NY period so don’t be afraid to have a look at those for other occasions as well. The choices offered by retailers this year are quite remarkable – short or long, bright or more neutral tones, I am sure that you will find the perfect sequin dress for every taste on the market.


This is something that I, personally, would be a bit more reluctant to try out mainly because it does not match my personal fashion vibe. However, the silk satin skirt has made quite a comeback in recent months so if you want to feel a bit sexier for your significant other, give that a try with some of my favorite skirts currently on the market.


For the comfy lovers, like myself, a knit sweater dress would be the perfect choice for this Valentine’s Day. Again, the options are limitless but here are my favorite picks that you can shop now.


I have always been a headband lover so seeing this trend getting back in style has made my extremely happy. If you are going for a cutter, doll-like look for this Valentine’s Day, I am sure that you will find the next knotted headbands the perfect addition to your outfit.


And finally, we cannot forget about the shoes. No matter whether you have any plans of going out or you would spend yet another day at home, cozying up in front of the fire, I got you covered.

How are you spending Valentine’s Day this year? Any exciting plans? Let me know in the comments down below.

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