How To Combat Hair Frizz

Year after year, I find myself coping with one and the same hair problem during winter – hair frizz. My hair is naturally quite dry and thick which, in combination with knitwear, hats, and winter outwear, is a prerequisite to forming a considerable amount of hair frizz. No matter how gently I comb my hair in the mornings, I am absolutely sure that by the end of the day my hair will not look as polished and tidy as I want it to look.

So, of course I am always on the look-out for any tips that will make the whole situation a bit more bearable. Speaking from life-long experience and trying out different things, here are the top tips that have helped me the most.

Regular haircuts

I always try to schedule regular appointments with my hairdresser (I had my last one this morning) so that I make sure that I can get rid of any dry dead ends. Split ends do not only make your hair look dull, but they are also a contributing factor when dealing with hair frizz. They can travel up the strand causing more damage and frizz, so it’s best to get a haircut when you start to notice fraying. So this is your reminder to call your hairdresser and book your next appointment!

Turn down the temp

I am sure that you are already well aware that you should generally limit the use of any heating tools if you want to have a healthy hair for longer periods of time. This is definitely true for hair frizz as well. But what I wanted to draw your attention is actually the temperature of the water you use to wash your hair. While a hot shower may feel good on your muscles, it doesn’t do much good for your hair. The temperature of the water can cause the cuticle to raise and when the cuticles are raised, hair needs more moisture. So next time, consider turning the knob down a notch so that your shower is warm, but not steaming.


I really cannot believe how many years have gone by in which I have not used a conditioner on a regular basis. Even the best frizz fighting shampoos can still strip away your hair’s natural oils and moisturizers. So now, I make sure that I add a conditioner to my hair care routine every time I wash my hair. Recently, my conditioner of choice has been Pantene Hair Biology Conditioner De-frizz & Illuminate. This product has literally done wonders to my hair – it makes it so smooth, shiny, and most importantly hydrated! The frizz is much more manageable with a conditioner like this one used on a regular basis so I would definitely encourage you to research the market and choose the best fit for you. Here are a few other options you might want to try out.

Reduce friction

Rubbing a towel aggressively against your hair disrupts the cuticle. Instead, I tend to dry my hair in a towel turban that prevents friction frizz. I stay with the turban for at least half an hour up to an hour so that all the moisture has been preserved in my hair before proceeding with my blow-dry. Then, in order to minimize friction while brushing my wet hair, I always apply a leave-in treatment through my hair and brush it through with a wide toothed comb instead of your normal brush. In this way I can brush my hair more gently. Also, I have heard amazing reviews on the effects a silk pillow case can have on the general condition of your hair and the frizz it produces. This will be my next purchase, I am sure.

Shield strands from heat

A heat protectant is a must for me any time I blow dry my hair or use hair straightener to style my hair. I still try to get used to the idea of wearing my hair naturally but I am still pretty much using a blow dryer at least 3 times per week so I must take all the precautions to reduce damage on my hair. Here are some of my suggestions for the best heat protectants on the market.

What are your tips for combating hair frizz? Let me know in the comments.

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