5 Clothing Items To Invest In This Spring

The warmer spring weather is the perfect reason to cast off our heavy coats and thick jumpers and indulge in some selected pieces to celebrate the new season. If you are doing your spring deep cleaning at the moment, you must have already gotten to the bedroom so spend some time organizing your wardrobe and put aside any winter clothing – the weather is getting warmer and warmer so it’s time to change a bit the clothes in our wardrobes as well.

And if you are on the look for spring wardrobe update, I suggest exploring a few options that will make this transitional period a bit more fun. But what exactly counts as transitional? Clothing that isn’t weather-dependent and looks great with bare legs, but also can easily be combined with tights and boots. You don’t want to be sweating in chunky knitwear or shivering in linen trousers; lightweight, easy-to-layer items are your best bets.

I’ve narrowed it down to five essential items – these versatile pieces will see you through the end of spring and well into the next season so it’s better to invest in them now. Here are my top picks!


For the perfect transition from winter to spring wear, invest in the minimalist knitwear trend. Rather than the chunky, oversized sweaters and cardigans we’ve been bundled up in for six months, these are thinner, lighter and tighter, like the one I am wearing in these photos. These can easily be combined with trousers, jeans, or even skirts with bare legs!


Yes, I know, “florals for spring” is not a super original idea but with the recent popularity of the Netflix show Bridgerton, florals will have a big comeback this spring. This year, however, the biggest trend in florals are the romantic and dreamy midi floral dresses like the one I wore here.


Nothing says spring better than a bubblegum pink item in your wardrobe. All pink hues have always been present in my wardrobe so it makes me extremely happy that the color will be pretty much in style for the next season. If you are not really a pink kind of gal, explore the more pastel hues of the color like blush pink, linen pink, mellow rose, etc.


I have talked about my love for trench coats numerous times on my blog so it’s no surprise that I am including it in yet another fashion list of mine. That’s because spring is the official trench coat season – it can be combined with your favorite floral dress and a pair of boots for the perfect layered-up look.


And finally let’s talk about the perfect shoe for the season. For me, this is without any doubt my favorite pair of classic loafers. The elegant look and the leather material make it the perfect choice for my city walks even if some spring rain surprises me in the afternoon.

Are you investing in any pieces this spring? Let me know in the comments below.

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