21 Beauty Finds Of 2021


Last year I started something of a tradition to share my favorite beauty products of the year – here is 2020’s blog post if you fancy a peak at what I was loving that year. When it comes to choosing my go-to beauty products in 2021, I continued to follow the simple approach I adopted at the beginning of the pandemic – comfort and clean ingredients come at the forefront in all of my beauty purchases of the year. I am proud of myself because I stopped impulsive buying the hottest trends in an attempt to always own the best product on the market. Quite on the contrary – I tried to create a timeless collection of go-to products that make me happy season after season and cater for the needs of my skin and hair in the most gentle way possible.

So, it is no surprise that 2021’s review of my beauty finds will include some products that I started using way back in 2020. Because why change a product, when I already love it and my skin or hair show the benefits of its consistent use? The majority of the products in this post are products that I have used at home – for a second year in a row, I relied mostly on myself when it comes to taking care of myself so many of the products you will see today are actually products that I have used during my “me-time” sessions at home. Nonetheless, I have included some makeup products as well because we did manage to go out more often in 2021 than in 2020 so I had to go back to applying makeup every now and then.

Here are my top 21 beauty products of 2021!


The biggest hit in 2021 when it comes to skincare for me! I only found out about this miracle product in December but I already know that it will become a permanent part of my beauty collection because it is truly amazing. I plan on writing a whole blog post on it so a complete review is coming. For the time being it is enough to say that the Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patches have become my secret weapon when dealing with hormonal acne.

Another product from the Korean skincare brand Cosrx – this time it is a gentle moisturising lotion that I love to apply every morning for a light hydration that lasts for the whole day. It is the perfect hydration base for any makeup look because it does not clog my pores – my skin feels hydrated and soft even after a whole day of running errands outside of the house.

I came upon the brand and the Effaclar Duo (+) range in 2020 and it has helped me tremendously with my hormonal acne. As I currently rely mainly on the Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patches for my spot treatment, the Effaclar Duo lotion has become part of my morning skincare routine in an attempt to help me with the scars. So far, the results are pretty positive so I intend on continuing to use the product.

The original Nuxe’s Huile Prodigieuse facial oil has been part of my beauty routine for years now but in 2021 I decided to try the Florale option from the range. All of Nuxe’s oils that I have ever owned, have been gifted to me by my fiance, and the whole range has been very dear to my heart not only because of the wonderful effects it has on my skin, but also because it has represented his love to me.

I started using face serums consistently in 2021 so I had to include my favorite one in my yearly review. I first talked about this serum last spring in this blog post and I stand behind my words to this day – when I apply the serum consistently, my skin feels smoother and firmer without using any harsh and harmful peels and chemicals.

I discovered CeraVe’s cleansers back in the summer of 2021 and they were also recommended to me by a dermatologist in October 2021. The thing that impressed me the most was by far the clean ingredients list along with the lack of fragrance as I try to buy only fragrance-free skincare products.

Another favourite that I included in my daily routine in 2021 – my face sunscreen of choice! I cannot believe how long it has taken me to add a proper facial sunscreen to my routine but I guess you learn with age.

My favourite soothing mask that I found in 2020 and I continue to use on a weekly basis. It is extremely gentle on the skin which feels quite refreshed and smooth after applying the mask once a week for deep hydration.


A wonderful shampoo if you struggle with hair that gets oily way too quickly. But the shampoo can offer so much more than voluminous hair for a longer period – it makes my hair extremely smooth and shiny, it adds a wonderful scent to it and brushing it after showering has never been easier. A formula that has it all!

The winter season can be very harsh on my hair so I had to include a defrizz conditioner to my hair routine to cater for my rather dry hair during that season. However, Pantene’s Hair Biology Conditioner has proven to be a wonderful addition to my hair care even in the warmer months when the sun takes its toll on my hair as well.

The only hair leave-in spray that I have been using for the past half a year. The ingredients list is truly remarkable – only natural ingredients that offer the best from nature to your dry and dull hair. It makes brushing my hair after showering an easy-peasy job so I will definitely continue to use the product in 2022 as well.


The best top coat on the market for me! It dries out super fast leaving my nails extremely shiny for days on end. I even use it on its own as a shiny finish to my bare nails.

Another Essie product but this time it is for the cuticles – the apricot smell is simply divine!


I first bought this setting spray for a summer wedding in 2020 and ever since it has become my go-to setting spray when I need my makeup to stay for longer periods of time. I tend to spray a light layer of it on my bare skin, then do my whole makeup and re-spray at the end to set everything in.

I love to apply blush on my cheeks even when I don’t wear a lot of makeup because I feel that a light layer of blush makes my whole face look more alive. My skin is naturally very pale so I try to add a bit of color every now and then and the Makeup Revolution Reloaded Blush has been a wonderful, natural touch to all my makeup looks.

Another product that I included in my 2020 beauty finds as well – Lumene’s CC Color Correcting Cream has become one of my all-time-favorites when it comes to foundations. Its lightweight and all natural formula makes it the perfect base for my natural makeup looks, both for cold and hot days alike.

I first bought this powder for a summer wedding back in 2020 and I have not changed it ever since. The powder has just a hint of colour that provides enough coverage to be worn over makeup or on bare, moistened skin. It sits well on my face without clogging my pores or feeling too heavy on long days outside.

I received this makeup brush cleanser as a gift in one of my Notino purchases and it has made the brushes cleaning so much more effective and easy. I just spray generously from the product on each brush individually and then gently massage the brush into tissue to release all the dirt and impurities.

I have had this lipstick and have used it on a regular basis for more than 3 years now so it’s no surprise that I continued using it in 2021. The best thing about it is the nourishing formula that leaves my lips feeling smooth and moisturised for the whole day. There are 29 colours available at the moment and there will be a shade for every taste out there.


I started using this deodorant fairly recently but so far I have been increasingly happy about it. I still need to test it during the warmest months of the year but I am sure it will work just as good as during the winter under a thick sweater and heavy coat.

Another CeraVe product that has saved my feet during the summer – my feet are usually very dry so this foot cream has helped me hydrate them just enough to make them smooth, but not greasy.

Have you used any of these products? Let me know in the comments which have been your personal beauty finds of 2021!

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