Here’s to the next 28 years of self-development, one step at a time!

I feel that every now and then I reach a point for a good old update on where I’ve been and why I haven’t posted for a while on my blog. Nothing too surprising here because I have done it a couple of times already in the past. The most surprising thing now, though, is that the new update comes so quickly after the last one in January this year. I started the year very hopeful and eager to get back into the blogging groove but unfortunately, life had different plans for me.

My blog has always been my safe place – not only the single creative outlook for myself ever since 2009 (wow, close to 13 years of blogging!) but also a place for me to be my true self. Where I can share my experiences, emotions, thoughts, any beauty and fashion bits and bops that inspire me. You know, there was a time when my blog subtitle read: A blog about experiences, ideas, and anything in between. With all the changes and developments that I’ve made to the blog throughout the years, I feel that the “anything in between” part of that subtitle took over the main idea and purpose why I started blogging in the first place.

I am writing this blog post on 4 April 2022 even though it will be published on 15 April. 4 April is my birthday and I don’t know whether it’s the idea that I am turning 28 years this year or overall the general atmosphere of uncertainty and unpredictability that we’ve been living in for the last two years, but I feel that I have lost a bit the touch with my true self. For the last two years, I’ve been living on auto pilot and I understand that everyone gets to this point once or twice or even multiple times in their lives. It seems that I’ve reached my first stop along the way and I think that I’ve had enough.

Over the last month and a half during which I was MIA, a lot of things happened – I am not sure whether I will ever share what we’ve been through, because this is not entirely my story to share. The bottom line is that I’ve realised that I’ve missed my spontaneity, adventurousness, being in the moment without thinking too much, not making any plans because I feel like it, being creative and inspired, listening to my intuition, but also to my heart which has been whispering to me that it is time for a change. Being among friends, sharing and caring, enjoying every little thing that surrounds me, being more mindful as to how I spend my time, my money, but most importantly my energy. 

Even though I am just 28 years old, I understand that everyone goes through different phases in their lives. I understand that I cannot turn back the time (not that I want to) and be 20 again, full of so much naive hope and zest for life. Every phase has its advantages and I am so ready to see what lies ahead. Still, this doesn’t mean that I don’t miss something from my old life every now and then. And I feel that I should be very grateful that I have this little corner of the internet to myself to push me to be better, to be more hopeful, to be happier.

I want to experiment more. I want to be more spontaneous. I want to stop thinking for a moment and start something new. I want to feel the freedom of my youth every now and then again. And I have decided that my blog will not only be the perfect place to document all of that, but also it will be the perfect excuse for me to try new things. 

Here’s to the past 28 years of self-exploration. Here’s to the next 28 years of self-development, one step at a time!

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