Thematic Month – November 2018

November has officially began and this can only mean that a new thematic month begins on Chrisy Loves as well. After two months of wandering, exploring, and trying out new things, it is nice to get back to the ordinary and the routine.

As many of you know, I love the routine and spending time at home. No matter how much I love traveling and enjoying new experiences and cultures, the feeling that I get when I am at home cannot be compared to anything else in the world. For me, home is not simply a place – it is so much more. It is a feeling of calm, security, and my favorite people. That is why the new thematic month has the following title:

Featured image_Blog_EN

Thus, the main focus of November’s posts will be how I make myself feel at home. I will cover topics such as what is home for me, what are my methods not to succumb to stress, what are my favorite places in Sofia and many more. Of course, a bit of beauty and fashion will find their way as well 🙂

Basically, November will be a really cozy month on the blog and I cannot wait to share more.



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